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kc Phone Tracker is a simple application for Android Smartphones (currently only available on this page and not in the Android Market). It allows you to track a mobile phone and might help to find your device when you lost it. The app is free of charge and advertisements. However, the application might still have some flaws and errors. The author of kc Phone Tracker doesn’t take any responsibility for damages or losses.

..:: how it works ::..

First, you need to create a new account on this webpage and download and install the application on your Android smartphone. You can then log in to your account in the app on your phone (login details only need to be provided once, but can be changed any time). In the middle of the screen your last known position should be displayed. Click the button “get position” to request a location update from the network location provider. Note that this application needs an Internet connection in order to work. Furthermore, the network location provider must be enabled! In contrary, GPS doesn't need to be enabled (to preserve battery power). As soon as a location is displayed, your coordinates can be uploaded to the server by pressing the button “upload pos”. When you close the application, you will be prompted whether to let a service run in the background or not. If you let in run, the background service will request a location update every 15 minutes and upload the coordinates to the server (if the location has changed significantly). In addition, you can always send an SMS to your mobile phone (in case you lost it) and it will send you its coordinates. On this webpage, you can look up the last position of your smartphone. In addition, you can specify an access control list to grant certain other users access to your submitted location data on our server.

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Version 0.905 (alpha)

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